Kunstfoto's: The Stage of Life

“Life is a scene on which actors appear in roles
that are not always sufficient to fill in all episodes.
Some roles are only written for a few scenes.
Others, on the other hand, last for longer.
However, no role is secondary.
They all create a unified whole,
a film full of emotions – a perfect picture.
There are no extras here,
in the cinema of life we all play leading roles,
and each of us is the main star.
Even if some of us will not shine throughout the whole screening,
we will never go out.
We will all remain an important piece of the universe”.
Izolda Ciurus
English translation by Aleksander Kozieł

  • David Losfeld: fine art photographer
  • Izolda Ciurus: stage director and fashion designer
  • Coralie Willems: set designer
  • Vanessa B. Vigna: key make-up and hairstyling artist
  • founder Warriors vzw